October 4, 2017



Roadmap for Sucess

Aligning business and development strategies is essential for sustaining business growth and maintaining  organizational harmony. Mix in some innovation and technological advancement and the competition will be chasing.  

Drive the Bus

If you're failing the plan you're planning to fail. This is not about agile, but a deeper commitment to process excellence from everyone in the business. Be intentional about driving the bus and get everyone on board.  

Past, Present, and Future

Never repeat past mistakes, be realistic about where you are, know where you want to go, and decide how you're going to get there. Involve everyone and leave nothing to chance.

“The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.”  —Michael Porter

Strategies should give everyone vision, purpose, and put everyone in the business on the same page. Now we know where we are going, how we will get there, and what the end looks like. The organization is of one accord and knows what we are working towards. If it doesn’t align with the strategy then it needs to be placed in the backlog.

This is not to say changes cannot be made. In fact, strategies must be revisited and validated often, but floundering without a plan is not acceptable. People will since your apprehension and discern the desperation. Business will suffer and your best people will simply leave.