The Hiring Squad

Many times hiring more developers is flat out unequivocally the wrong answer. Yes, you’re slammed and your team is beyond stressed, but can we please take a moment to evaluate before throwing another dead body on the pile? Humans are complex creatures and require a lot of cuddling, nurturing, and hand holding. This is business Read more about The Hiring Squad[…]

Nearshore Ruling the Sea, Part 2

In part 1 we discussed this issue with humans having to be part of the software development equation and how they continually muck up the works by repeating mistakes that were solved years before, by creating their own glorious software kingdoms, and by introducing complexity in order to secure their position. Someone has got to Read more about Nearshore Ruling the Sea, Part 2[…]

Outsource, hire, or get the neighbor to do it…

Most companies today hire some number of software developers to create custom applications that fit their business, which creates a business within their business. They understand that off the shelf software can only meet a portion of their needs and in many cases they have already been down the road of attempting to conform their business Read more about Outsource, hire, or get the neighbor to do it…[…]

Position of Strength

How do you prepare yourself to be the best software developer…no software consultant in the business? It is your time. You are in the “position of strength” within the market. The ball is in your court. Now is not the time to relax at your cushy corporate gig, because the moment you think you’re secure… Read more about Position of Strength[…]