Become the Trusted Advisor

Businesses today need trusted advisors who can help them derive the correct answer. This is not to say you, the consultant, have all the answers. However, as their trusted advisor and friend, working in tandem, the answers will come.

How do I become this trusted advisor?

It starts with truth. Being vulnerable, but being confident. This part has little to do with technology and everything to do with listening, understanding, and knowing you have the best in the business at your back.

Trusted advisors are armed with knowledge of their consultancies capabilities and know well the business with which they are dealing. Now insight can be gained and answers formulated. Scenarios such as process bottlenecks, poor workflows, lack of training, and inadequate software are easily detected, discussed, and rectified.

Another part of being the trusted advisor is knowing your team and leaning on their expertise. Involve people who can get your customer the desired result. The odds of formulating the correct answer increase dramatically when resourceful people are called upon.

I don’t need to be a Business Analyst or seasoned Consultant to understand what my customer does well and where they struggle. Couple this knowledge with understanding the capabilities of your organization and there will be no business problem you cannot solve.

Smart businesses look to partner with other businesses to help them achieve their goals. Partnerships are mutually beneficial and will take both businesses further in less time. Becoming the customers trusted advisor forges that partnership.

Remember the below five Trusted Advisor commandments and you’ll get long term business with the right customers.

1. Always have the best interest of the customers’ business in mind.
2. Find a way to know your customer’s business well. The good and the bad.
3. Know and understand your consultancies capabilities. There should be little they have not seen.
4. Involve your team. They can help you get right results more quickly.
5. Meet business issues head on with confidence you have the answers. Honesty builds trusts.

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